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The Love Cast is a weekly podcast show by author Jamal Jivanjee that will examine topics, as well as conduct informative interviews, related to love, relationships, Christian community, religious deconstruction, etc...
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May 29, 2017

Have you ever encountered the beautifully disruptive *way* of love? This is the final episode of The Love Cast before Jamal leaves to embark on a 5-6 week hike (The El-Camino) in northern Spain.  In this episode, Jamal shares four truths about the beautifully disruptive *way* of love that may be helpful for you.  

In addition to this message, a few important housekeeping updates are shared as well.  Give this episode a careful listen.  

In case you missed Jamal's recent conversation with Quoir authors Keith Giles & Matthew Distefano about why the Penal Substitution Atonement theory enshrines violence, you can listen to them here.  There never has been a more important time for this discussion: 

Part 1


Part 2 


Part 3 



May 16, 2017
Although Jesus was the prince of peace and demonstrated love and non-violence throughout his life, evangelical Christians by and large have been the most consistent defenders of empire building, military action, and war. The reason for this anomaly among Christian behavior isn't simply hypocrisy, however. This behavior could very well be rooted in the way we have been taught to see the cross and the nature of divine justice. Because humans are reflective beings, people will always reflect the God they perceive.
I recently sat down with fellow Quoir authors Matthew Distefano & Keith Giles to record a podcast about how the Penal Substitution Atonement theory (held by evangelicalism) actually produces violence.  
At the 6:15 mark, we discuss the disconnect that penal substitution theory causes between our view of God as father, and our view of Jesus.
At the 10:00 mark, we discuss the fallacy of believing that sin separates us from God.
At the 14:30 mark, we discuss why Jesus actually was crucified.
At the 20:54 mark, we discuss why Penal Substitution Theory of the cross was not a view held by early Christians.  Penal Substitution Theory, as commonly found in modern evangelical thinking, was largely a creation of John Calvin.  
The resources mentioned in this conversation were:
May 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered what constitutes a 'good' day from a 'bad' day?  In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal talks about the connection between our own suffering, and how we perceive the nature of our day and the events that shape our day. In addition to this, Jamal discusses why living in hell takes a lot of practice and why 'clearing the air' of all the toxicity we've helped create through our negative perceptions takes time.  This episode could completely alter your perception of reality.  Give it a listen.        

May 3, 2017

In this episode of The Love Cast, founder of Quoir Publishing, Ralph Polendo, gives us an update about some important new projects that are in the works with Quoir.  Also in this episode, singer / songwriter Barrett Johnson exclusively showcases a few of his new songs from his recently recorded EP that has not yet released to the public. These songs are a real gift. Give this episode a listen and enjoy the music!