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The Love Cast is a weekly podcast show by author Jamal Jivanjee that will examine topics, as well as conduct informative interviews, related to love, relationships, Christian community, religious deconstruction, etc...
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Dec 27, 2016

In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal discloses the top 5 most downloaded episodes of 2016.  In addition to that, Jamal talks about a true Christmas miracle that occurred in which Jamal found his French teacher who has been missing from him for the last almost twenty years!  Give this final episode of 2016 a listen and enjoy.



Dec 19, 2016

In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal interviews author Geneva Chinnock about the trauma and abuse she experienced as a child living with a mother who suffered with mental illness, as well as her family's involvement in a cult. Geneva also talks about the healing she has since experienced through close relationships with other men in addition to her husband. Give this interview a listen as Geneva shares a bit about her journey from slavery and abuse, to love and freedom.   

Dec 12, 2016

In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal talks about the fact that Jesus almost never talked about himself and was not interested in spreading ideas and information about himself.  So, why are many Christians so preoccupied with this?

Is it possible to be distracted by the idea of Jesus?  If Jesus didn't talk about himself, what was his real message? Could there be a better WAY?

Give this episode of The Love Cast a careful listen and enjoy... 


Dec 5, 2016

In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal interviews Adriel Johnson about his daring escape from prison and how this led to him finding his dream job and living the dream life with his family.

Grab a cup of coffee and give this interview a listen. Adriel's outlook and perspective on life, even in the midst of great struggle, will change the way you live your life and will greatly affect your future!


Nov 28, 2016

Are you a student, an artist (writer, musician, painter, designer, etc...) a salesperson, a business owner, a factory worker, a doctor, etc...? Why do you really do what it is that you do? In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal challenges us to ask the question 'WHY' in regards to the profession that we devote so much of our lives to. In this episode, Jamal explores two common (yet often hidden) motivations as to why people do what they do. In addition to this, Jamal also talks about the highest motivation for our work.  


This episode was created in the spirit of healthy introspection. Give this episode a careful listen, and join us in asking the often overlooked question 'WHY'.   

Nov 21, 2016

In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal tells a personal story about a miraculous set of events that happened a few years ago that is leading to this upcoming meeting with Barack Obama. This is not a story about politics in any way, shape, or form, but one of personal, divine love.  

Please grab a cup of coffee or tea and give this entire episode a careful listen.  You will be blessed!  

Nov 14, 2016

In episode 21 of The Love Cast, Jamal makes an honest observation of what has been occurring surrounding the 2016 presidential elections in the United States.  In order to respond with love, we actually have to stop reacting.  In order to stop reacting, however, we have to observe what is occurring from a different dimension. Jamal also shares some vulnerable thoughts about the state of Michigan in this conversation.  

In addition to making an honest observation of the camps surrounding the election, Jamal speaks directly into each camp, how to stop being a part of the problem, and how to ultimately bring true change to the world.  Grab a cup of coffee and give this episode a careful listen.          

Nov 7, 2016

Episode 20 of The Love Cast was recorded live from North Africa.  In this episode, Jamal interviews world travelers Tim & Amelia Joy about a life changing discovery that they have made while traveling the world.  Most people live their entire lives never discovering what Tim & Amelia have discovered on this trip.  You don't want to miss any part of this interview from start to finish.  This is an epic interview as topics such as productivity, love, fear, false self (ego) vs. true self, surrender, and awakening are explored.  

Grab a cup of coffee and give this interview a careful listen.  It will change your life.        

Oct 31, 2016

Episode 19 of The Love Cast includes a special gift for listeners of this podcast. Jamal's publisher (quoir publishing) has been given permission to give away a limited amount of the audio version of Free To Love to the listeners of this podcast.  

In this episode, Jamal also shares an audio chapter of Free To Love entitled 'An Undissected Love' which talks about the existence of the all encompassing nature of love (agape, phileo, eros, storge) that dwells all together at the same time in and through us for others in an undissected way. Understanding this can cut through a lot of the fear of close relationships, and can also have a revolutionary affect on how we understand what is means to truly love one another.  

Give this episode of The Love Cast a listen and get your free audio copy of Free To Love.               

Oct 24, 2016

In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal interviews new Quoir Author Matt Distefano about his upbringing in a conservative religious environment and how this led to anxiety, fear, and ultimately to a season of atheism for him. Matt also describes how he was awakened to the reality of a benevolent, peaceful, and non-violent God.

On November 7th, Matt's newest book titled: 'From the Blood of Abel' will be released via Quoir publishing.  This book explores the roots of human violence and how this plays into mainline religious beliefs about a violent and retributive God. 'From the Blood of Abel' also beautifully describes how Jesus gave us a completely new view of God from a non-violent and benevolent perspective.  Give this interview a listen and enjoy!  

For more info about Matt's work visit:    

Oct 14, 2016

What do faux maps and french kissing have to do with the all encompassing and infinite nature of Christ?  Give this episode of The Love Cast a listen as Jamal shares a few important observations from the city of light and love (Paris, France).  

Oct 6, 2016

In part 2 of this interview with Singer / Songwriter Barrett Johnson, Barrett talks about his deeply debilitating bout with depression, anxiety, and the healing process he's been on.  In addition to that, Barrett makes history on The Love Cast by unveiling 3 previously unrecorded songs live on this episode.  You certainly don't want to miss those.  Give part two of this interview a listen and be encouraged.


Visit for more info about Barrett and his music.    

Sep 29, 2016

One of my favorite people in the world is a man named Barrett Johnson. Barrett is a man with a good heart and who is truly a deep well.  Barrett is also one of the most talented songwriters that I know. I am very happy to have the privilege of interviewing him here on The Love Cast.  This is part 1 of a two part interview where Barrett talks about his life's journey, some of his religious deconstruction, and his current understanding of God and scripture.  Get a cup of tea or coffee and give this a listen. You will be blessed!  

Sep 22, 2016

Do you have a job? If so, is this job a job that flows with your true life's work?  Do you know what your true life's work actually is?  This episode of The Love Cast is part 4 of our series on the lie of lack, Jamal explores how the lie of lack can distract us away from our true profession. In this episode, Jamal also talks about some practical aspects of Jesus' revolutionary teaching from Matthew 6 that will liberate us toward identifying, moving into, and remaining committed to our true life's work. Give this episode a careful listen.    

Sep 16, 2016

In this episode of the love cast, we describe what the essence of a cult actually is, and what leads well meaning people into them.  Have you been, or are you in a cult? You might be surprised.  Give this episode a careful listen.  

Sep 9, 2016

This is part 2 of our series on The Lie of Lack.  In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal explores how the Lie of Lack physically and chemically alters our bodies (flesh) through addiction, and also how this same physiological pattern of addiction manifests the lie of lack through co-dependent relationships.  In addition to that, Jamal describes how the lie of lack negatively affects our sexuality and changes the trajectory of the sex act itself.  

Jamal goes on to describe how the gospel (good news) reshapes our approach to relationships and how this also reshapes our approach to sex itself.  This episode of The Love Cast is for mature listeners.    

Sep 1, 2016

As human beings, we have been deeply affected by 'the lie of lack'.  As a result, we have become blinded to our inherit goodness.  Chances are, if you've been a part of the religious system, you know that 'the lie of lack' has simply been repackaged to assault our identity by accusing our flesh of being inheritly evil.

What do the scriptures really teach about our flesh?  Is our flesh inheritly evil, or is our flesh inheritly good?  In this episode of The Love Cast, Jamal explores the root of human nature and also explores how the 'lie of lack' has affected our flesh.  Jamal also discusses why knowing the truth about the inherit goodness of our flesh is key to our freedom.  This is part one of a very important four part series about 'the lie of lack'. Give this episode a careful listen.


Jamal writes more extensively about the 'lie of lack' in his book Free To Love.  



Aug 25, 2016

Jamal goes on to talk about Jesus' interaction with the Samaritan woman from John 4 as an example of what a vibrant, inter-dependent relationship with God can look like, and how this differs from the typical codependent relationship with God that the religious system has conditioned us for.  Finally, Jamal also shares how the attempt of many Christians to relate to the historical person of Jesus (who is no longer here on the earth) actually blinds us to the reality of Christ who is here.  Throw some headphones in and give this episode a careful listen.  

Aug 18, 2016

In part 2 of this conversation, Wayne touches on the back story behind each one of his books, including the New York Times best selling book The Shack, He Loves Me, Finding Church, and So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore.  

Wayne also discusses the motion picture of The Shack that is scheduled for box office release early next year. Give this conversation a listen as you will hear nuggets of a new reality!


Aug 11, 2016

In this episode of The Love Cast, Wayne Jacobsen talks about his personal journey dealing with betrayal and character assassination, and his awakening to the body of Christ outside of groups and religious institutions.  Wayne also touches on his rejection of the destructive religious doctrine of the cross typically understood as 'Penal Substitution Theory'. Give this episode a listen, you will be blessed.    


Wayne Jacobsen was a collaborator of the New York Times best selling book The Shack. Wayne is also the author of the following best selling books:

He Loves Me

Finding Church

So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore.  

For more information about Wayne's books and ministry, visit



Aug 3, 2016

There is a vast difference between 'getting married' and 'discovering marriage'.  In this episode of The Love Cast, you will hear the wedding ceremony of friends Patrick & Samara and the message that Jamal gave at their recent wedding ceremony.  In this ceremony, Jamal talks about the 'expanse' of love, and why no one actually gets married on their wedding day.  Give it a careful listen and be blessed!   

Jul 27, 2016

Part 2 of this interview is marked by the gift of controversy!  Ralph talks specifically about a few controversial books that have shaped him and helped propel him in his spiritual journey.  He also talks about a new (and potentially controversial) Valentine's Day tradition that he and his wife have established.  Finally, Ralph talks about the vision behind Quoir Publishing, the controversy and explosive growth surrounding Quoir's first year, as well as their future projects.


If you've had the opportunity to listen to part 1 of this interview, you will love part 2 as Ralph gets into more controversial parts of his journey that will also have implications for your life as well.  Give this a listen and enjoy!     

Jul 21, 2016

In part one of this two part interview, Ralph discusses how a couple of radical acts of love established his family in the Southern California area, his experience in the institutional church, and his journey out of that system.  Ralph discusses some challenges he's had in his discovery of authentic Christian community and his journey into an understanding of the gospel that he once considered 'heresy'.  This is part one of a two part interview.  Give it a listen and be blessed!   


In addition to his duties as owner and CEO of Quoir Publishing, Ralph recently served as the national user experience manager in the corporate offices of Taco Bell for their internal web site.  Ralph is now a Creative Director for a wealth management company in the Southern California area.      

Jul 13, 2016

In this podcast, Jamal shares his life changing encounter with a golden retriever and how the character and nature of God as father was revealed through this experience.  Jamal goes on to describe the two major reasons why this encounter was initially offensive to him and also to others with a religious mindset.  Jesus' words about the nature of the father from Matthew 7:9-11 are also discussed.  This encounter with the golden retriever has implications for all of us!

In this episode, Jamal also gives us an update of a couple of upcoming interviews coming to The Love Cast in the next few weeks.     

Jul 7, 2016

In episode 3 of The Love Cast, Jamal interviews Valorie Clark (the former barista at the Dallas area coffee shop where Jamal wrote his book Free To Love). In the interview, Valorie discusses her journey into political activism through a Washington D.C. based non-profit organization, her transition into the coffee / barista world, her struggle with depression, her quest to discover the reality of 'home', and her upcoming move to Paris. Wonderful nuggets of gold are deposited throughout the conversation.  Give this interview a listen and discover them!

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