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The Love Cast is a weekly podcast show by author Jamal Jivanjee that will examine topics, as well as conduct informative interviews, related to love, relationships, Christian community, religious deconstruction, etc...
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Jul 27, 2016

Part 2 of this interview is marked by the gift of controversy!  Ralph talks specifically about a few controversial books that have shaped him and helped propel him in his spiritual journey.  He also talks about a new (and potentially controversial) Valentine's Day tradition that he and his wife have established.  Finally, Ralph talks about the vision behind Quoir Publishing, the controversy and explosive growth surrounding Quoir's first year, as well as their future projects.


If you've had the opportunity to listen to part 1 of this interview, you will love part 2 as Ralph gets into more controversial parts of his journey that will also have implications for your life as well.  Give this a listen and enjoy!     

Jul 21, 2016

In part one of this two part interview, Ralph discusses how a couple of radical acts of love established his family in the Southern California area, his experience in the institutional church, and his journey out of that system.  Ralph discusses some challenges he's had in his discovery of authentic Christian community and his journey into an understanding of the gospel that he once considered 'heresy'.  This is part one of a two part interview.  Give it a listen and be blessed!   


In addition to his duties as owner and CEO of Quoir Publishing, Ralph recently served as the national user experience manager in the corporate offices of Taco Bell for their internal web site.  Ralph is now a Creative Director for a wealth management company in the Southern California area.      

Jul 13, 2016

In this podcast, Jamal shares his life changing encounter with a golden retriever and how the character and nature of God as father was revealed through this experience.  Jamal goes on to describe the two major reasons why this encounter was initially offensive to him and also to others with a religious mindset.  Jesus' words about the nature of the father from Matthew 7:9-11 are also discussed.  This encounter with the golden retriever has implications for all of us!

In this episode, Jamal also gives us an update of a couple of upcoming interviews coming to The Love Cast in the next few weeks.     

Jul 7, 2016

In episode 3 of The Love Cast, Jamal interviews Valorie Clark (the former barista at the Dallas area coffee shop where Jamal wrote his book Free To Love). In the interview, Valorie discusses her journey into political activism through a Washington D.C. based non-profit organization, her transition into the coffee / barista world, her struggle with depression, her quest to discover the reality of 'home', and her upcoming move to Paris. Wonderful nuggets of gold are deposited throughout the conversation.  Give this interview a listen and discover them!